another challenge

I had fully intended to do this yoga challenge again – 30 days of yoga, at least 5 minutes of yoga every day. I missed April 4th and 5th with little fanfare. Did I fail, so early on? Before I answer this, what was my true purpose in wanting to do this challenge? My desire to establish my home practice. Have I prevented myself from doing this? Have I lost all opportunities to build my yoga practice outside of class? In fact, I’ve set up a space for myself, a lovely little corner unobstructed by wires, drying racks, unfinished projects, a space to practice nothing but yoga. Don’t tell me this isn’t a step toward my goal! Today I ripped up my excuses and threw them away, and tomorrow is another day. Don’t lose sight of that big picture – get right back up again. Today I ripped up my excuses and threw them away, I told myself that I am capable of fulfilling my dreams, and I broke out of my comfort zone to make some contacts in a potential new career path. I learned to forgive myself for anything I did before that doesn’t push me toward my goals and let go of what does not serve me! It’s been a powerful April so far – what I would consider to be a success.

If you feel like being moved, may I recommend Jennifer Pastiloff – you can find her here. She is authentic and it’s inspiring.

One response to “another challenge

  1. You are truly inspiring! Don’t get discouraged. I was hoping, in May, I would finally try my first yoga class and I may need a friend to help accompany me and conquer my fear šŸ™‚

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