spaghetti squash & black bean tacos

spaghetti squash and black bean tacosPlease, don’t steal my photos. thank you. xo (c) 2012 – M. M.

Every once in a while I stumble across a unique recipe which also is an easy weeknight meal.  These tacos were on our table throughout last week, filling in when energy levels were too low for cooking.  Spaghetti squash, lime, some spices, black beans, red onion, cilantro, cotija.  The tortillas in this photo are homemade, which was a treat.  From the Smitten Kitchen cookbook.

3 responses to “spaghetti squash & black bean tacos

  1. I am going to be going gluten free in the next week and I am curious about making GF breads/tortillas (although I know they sell corn tortillas in the store). I did notice a lot of recipes for GF bread products contain gums. Do you cook with or without the gums (ex: guar/xanthan)? Also do you use any special equipment, or just stick it in the oven? Hope this comment makes sense, it is early and I am just getting to my coffee 🙂

    • Good morning 🙂 Many grains are naturally gluten free but become cross contaminated during processing – this is why you want to watch out for the gluten free label. Corn is naturally gluten free and you could definitely make your own tortillas. I have a tortilla press but you could probably use a rolling pin – you basically just want a flat circle! The directions on the package are easy to follow (I use Bob’s Red Mill masa harina). In regards to the gums, some people avoid them because they can have a laxative effect.. I am all for the least chemical-y approach so I encourage you to try some without or just pay attention to the effects you feel so you know whether you need to avoid them. As I have been attempting to work this paleo thing into my life I want to try to experiment a bit with grain-free baking – that would be suitable for you also… Maybe I will try one of those recipes this weekend 🙂

    • I missed the special equipment thing… Tortillas you just heat up in a skillet, bread you can always bake in your oven, bread machines are a silly waste of space in my opinion!

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