it’s not all bad

Not too long ago I wrote this post about feeling sort of alone in my values, and how finding a blog post on the subject from my same point of view made me feel so much better.  As it so happens, at one of my very lowest points on this emotional rollercoaster about the meaning or non-meaning of my life, I had a conversation with someone who shares my values more than I thought was possible from a real live person I could meet and speak with face-to-face.  It brought me back up and reminded me that my choices and goals are totally OK!  I am quite proud of myself for working only as much as I have to and not compromising my life for some crappy office job.  As long as I don’t give up on myself and don’t give in to others, I can have the life I want… one day.  For now, I’ll keep taking my baby steps toward that bright future.

One response to “it’s not all bad

  1. I have these days where I just want to quit my office job, go to a local gym or yoga studio, and trade in my pencil skirt and heels for yoga pants and sneakers. *sigh* if only being healthy and fit paid the bills 🙂

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