off the mat

In the beginning of August, I challenged myself to practice yoga every day in August.  Well… I didn’t do it.  At least, I didn’t practice yoga asana.  But thinking about practicing yoga daily reminded me of other aspects of yoga that you can practice anytime, anywhere, without your mat.  Opportunities present themselves over the course of a routine day.  There were times that I practiced pranayama – controlling my breath.  When I was running and finding myself wanting to stop, I focused on my breath, and I made it through a full 5k race with not enough training – and a surprisingly good time.  Ahimsa, or nonviolence, kindness and thoughtful consideration of others, surfaced when I was in a situation with a person I don’t really get along with who did something that made me want to scream – and instead I said “thank you.”

What started out looking like a failure seems to be more of a success, now that I’ve viewed it from a different angle.


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